Photo by Kantemir Kertiev

Deep pools of saturnine,
And orbs of sapphire spheres filled with smoke refracting the waltzing light,
for the ones blessed with blue eyes;

Warm, hazy-hued sunrises,
Amber lakes with the fiery hue of burnt gold,
as esteemed
by the brown eyed beholden;

The dawn light dappling under trellised leaves,
Lush forests contained in microcosmic worlds of their own,
with nourished soil
of the hazel eyed brethren;

Or the entirety of the Milky Way galaxy on a cool April night,

Contained in snowglobes filled not with snow,
but stars –
for the black-eyed nymphs know nothing and everything.

(I wrote this last year, and I still have no idea on how to write a proper poem…reviews and feedback on poem structure are highly welcomed!)

© Zelda Reville

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