Claire de Lune

A luminous face in the darkness,

Snowy skin; sensual reverie,

Moonlit eyes

Dainty feet grazing the silken surface of the foggy lake,

On a wintry November evening

The heart is gladdened not by the sight of her delicate beauty,

But by her swan-like grace.

Another memory unfurls, shy to the gentlest touch;

Enlightened by knowledge, saddened by joy

A sprig of baby’s breath slips into an aged book of Greek sonnets.


© Zelda Reville


8 thoughts on “Claire de Lune

      1. Ehe, I’m a big fan of Françoise Hardy’s music, and Debussy as well. I like how the French language sounds, it’s so pretty! That’s nice though, would you be able to make your way around in France if you happened to travel there?

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