Blog post: At The Crossroads

And after having written a little over 10 posts of flowery prose, has the proverbial well run dry yet?

A little, I think. I’m not sure if it’s self-consciousness that’s holding me back, or if it’s the other way round – being aware of where I am in my writing now, and constantly trying to improve. Writing differently. Shaping it up so that it becomes less ornate, and more precise – a balance between abstraction and directness. 

But what’s this? A new beast is in the room now! Apparently Wit is not happy that Beauty is getting all the attention, and wants some of that spotlight for itself. 

I shall try peppering my poetry with humour, and see how it goes. 

Also, Françoise Hardy, Suede and Strangelove have been great for making the juices flow. 

So readers, how was your week? Wrote anything awesome, saw anything nice, or experienced something out of this world? Any Suede fans out there, by the way? 

Signing off,



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