The Spider

Anne Clopton – Spider In A Spider Web

Cobweb, or gossamer paintings, enlist the use of spider webs as the canvas, and one can trace their murky origins from the Austrian Tyrolean Alps in the 16th century. Less than 100 paintings are said to exist to date, and most of them are hidden away from prying eyes in private collections.

I saw a spider nestling fitfully in the
nook of a tired mahogany table

So I brought it home to nurse it back to

But the little spider grew and grew

And I couldn’t hide my pet spider so my mum
turned the poor arachnid out of our cozy home

and thought it
the last of the matter;

But I found it on my bed the next day where it had
increased in size

Then thrice

And quadruple

with every single day

Finally it burrowed into the flesh of
my back one night

Where it whispered blissfully into my ear,

“Finally…no one will come between us again,”

And I slowly found myself becoming


Each day

Sprouting several, spiny limbs
and leering, beady eyes

And then my mum turned me out in horror

When she found out that I had become
A spider

So now I forage for my own life in the
yawning wilderness

Spinning my own web of misery

Along with my




(Hello reader! Here’s another spider-related post, if you aren’t feeling too squeamish yet!)

© Zelda Reville


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