A photo by Alina Sofia.
Photo by Alina Sofia

Her heart
half-thrilled to the tune of
uncalled heresy;

as she,
gracefully reclining in his arms
looked into
bright eyes for the first time;
hidden beneath a glacial mask

and henceforth recalled late Father’s words:

“But they say that the devil
is a charming man…”

His hand lingered at the small
of her back

urgently pressing
into sweet tenderness;
keenly searching,
a hidden mole
writhed underneath his touch,
and was everything she stood for

Half-forgetting the neat little dagger
hidden up
her perfumed thigh,

and his hands quite forgot their task of
wrapping themselves
around her lithe neck

while this white hot heat
wreathed around their dazzled minds,

and dissolving
into similarly echoed
fervent desires…

(After listening to this I felt a tendril encircle my brain…and then the rest followed.)

© Zelda Reville




5 thoughts on “Circe

  1. I didn’t visualize the song but ”hearalize” the poem, and I don’t know what sound was it but it ringed

    I hate these notifications. I didn’t realize your question until I came to your web, arf

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You ‘heard’ something in the poem? That’s pretty cool, it does remind me of the effect words have on me, like sudden images flashing into my mind…haha no worries, man


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