A Little Death

pexels-photo-60267.jpegAs I labour at my desk I stare at the filthy clock, willing its stubborn hand to move; and as the clock ticks a minute to twelve the inert, shadowy form of the Present staggers at a clift’s edge, gasps a final, ragged breath and tumbles into the yawning grave of the Past…and then again, I am miraculously reborn once more, aching desperately for another hanging grain of sand; suspense building to an uncomfortably ominous momentum…but that last grain dissolves into space as the minute hand finally strikes its target – hooray, it’s lunchtime!

(If you haven’t seen my Single Sentence Tale series, check out my first one here. )

© Zelda Reville


3 thoughts on “A Little Death

  1. This is such a nice idea! I was quite caught up with your description of time ticking by slowly that the last three words startled me — I burst out laughing.

    I’ve been exploring your blog and I like your quaint style of mixing surreal/classical illusions and images with very contemporary slang and ideas. You make it work so well!

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    1. Hi Risa, thank you for stopping by! Looks like you’ve enjoyed your prowl on my blog 😀 I adore beauty and wit in copious amounts and they probably pop up in my writing every now and then…


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