This Is How You Troll

Portrait of John Keats – William Hilton (1822)

“But why were you crying then?” I asked,
with undisguised confusion.

Turning her quivering orbs to me,
framed by luscious lashes;
pearly tears that refused to roll down
misty, slightly flushed cheeks

She then replied with reluctant petulance,

“Pardon me, I was only reading some John Keats…”

(Hi readers, thank you for 100 follows – so here’s a little present from me :0) )

© Zelda Reville


5 thoughts on “This Is How You Troll

    1. Hey Sruthi! I haven’t heard from you in a while now… thank you! Yes, John Keats is surely great, I would love to dig into his longer poems like Endymion and The Fall of Hyperion. What other poets have you read?

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  1. Frankly, I have been rather ignorant of poetry for long. College made me realise this and I started off with Keats (I have a collection of his poems) and then went on to Wordsworth (a few here and there). And a few other random poems.
    Otherwise I’m a complete novice to poetry.
    What about you?

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