Chapter 1: Eclipse

Claude Monet – The Girl In The Green Dress (Camille Doncieux) (1866)

As the sunlight fell upon her dark eyes, painting eyelids a flaxen gold and casting a halo on her hair, I glimpsed, for the first time – the fragility slumbering beneath the iron-wrought facade of her presence, and the sands of time blew across the rich desert of memories: the frightened girl who clutched a dirty toy bunny as she hid behind my legs, the skinny arms of a 8-year old holding up a gold trophy in jubilant triumph, the challenging stare of a teenager as I refused her request for a dirt bike – the more I gazed at her solemn silhouette,  the more I yearned to hold her still, and kiss away the hidden sorrows that were eating away at her..but a stray cloud drifted past and swallowed the sun’s rays whole, eclipsing her face into shadow once more.

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© Zelda Reville


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