3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge – I Accept Thee!

Jessi from Cirque De La Nuit nominated me for this challenge, and of course, I’m all up for it! So for the first day I will be picking quotes from my favourite authors.


This quote comes from a book that I picked up earlier this year out of curiousity. Seeing as how there are dimes and dozens of people who act and judge others accordingly to societal values, instead of their own personal principles, this probably needs no further explanation. Meetings With Remarkable Men is full 0f illuminating insights which keep lauding rewards long after these words have disappeared from your mind. To anyone who thinks this quote is a gold nugget – please do try to look for a copy. Dump those self-help books.


Ah, this one. Good old Iris Murdoch! I’ve been hard at work on Finnegans’ Wake and that book, along with this quote, made me realize the endless possibilities and limitations of the written word. Thinking about something “witty” and possibly over-melodramatic to tweet  or moan about on social media?  Please see the above. It’s funny how something from 1954 (Under The Net was Iris Murdoch’s first published novel) can resonate so strongly with me.


We think; as humans we are ruled solely by our logical mind, but sometimes our emotions leave us in absolute turmoil, for which are no logical explanations.

And this nomination requires me to nominate three other unlucky people in due course…so let’s see…who shall be my willing victims? 😉

Woven Eclipse

Speaking Up For Myself

Living Life Is An Art

Take up thy swords, nominated ones, and joust to the death!

7 thoughts on “3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge – I Accept Thee!

  1. I love the Iris quote. I still haven’t tackled Finnegan’s Wake. I do hope you will consider a book review of it after you finish. I might try this challenge, but some bloggers just do one quote a day for 3 days. I like your approach. Very interesting.

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    1. Finnegans Wake is pretty interesting… Hmm, I could try a walk-through at least, it would be difficult to review it as it doesn’t follow the conventions of a book.

      Ah, is it? The challenge did state three quotes and I had a couple that I saved away in my brain, so I decided to bring them out. It’s good to hear that you liked reading them! 😊 I just started on Iris Murdoch’s books recently and her writing was very illuminating for me.

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