Please Leave Me Alone

People who identify
so easily with these
doctrines of absolution,
of which I admire with
a rather candid awe –

Black or white,
either or neither,
good or bad,
this or that –

when all I can do
is sit here and
hug my knees,
while being trapped
in a ballooning state
of mental invalidity,

this wasted attempt at
juggling cognitive globs
of expanding amoeba:

Half-formed abortions?
Though usually
a rapid devolution
into the hilarious
mechanics of absurd-isms,

so heavily dependent on a
whimsical state of mind
that changes within
a second’s flash of
synaptic lightning…

But yet, these people are still here,
gathering now
in unwanted hordes
as they clamour for my
much-needed attention
in this topsy-turvy carnival
of questionable opinion:

“Black! White! God! Devil!
Good! Bad!

Er, no?

© Zelda Reville


11 thoughts on “Please Leave Me Alone

      1. hey we are for ourselves…..who cares what their mind think……did we ask them to think that way,NO…..and I love people who are themselves….it gives this soul a chance to meet at same levels of frequencies….loved the way you wrote…..a prose into poetry.

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      2. Wow Pawan, that’s a deep compliment…thank you! But yes, we all have our own opinions, everyone is rightly entitled to theirs. I’m much more amazed by people who stoutly believe in black and white entities – I could never put my complete faith in such separative ideologies. How do they do it? Everything’s one and all underneath these labels!


      3. you are welcome……yes everyone has their opinion,so when we are not been troubled by their’s we wish they are not troubled by ours…….if we are making all happy it means we are not making self happy….if everyone is happy with us it means we can be we….we accept others as they are,we wish them to accept us as we are… it so hard dear for them to understand if we ourselves are so ready to understand it……well beautiful soul what they do is their karma how we keep reacting is our karma…..let them do that as their eyes are covered with materialistic value……let me tell you my soul mate left me because her friends and family said I been black am not worth…does it mean I am not worth….I am more then worth dear…..

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