Sugar Hiccup

Sugar hiccups that
bounce along on
four unwieldy
cantankerous wheels,

making one spill
hot coffee on
someone’s poor feet,
or dot their ‘i’s
jerkily on some
thrift-shop greeting card –

I have often wondered
about the elusive
epheremality of these
strange treasures,

lesser seen, then
usually heard.

Indeed, would
their texture
trailing gossamer
from cotton candy,
this less-serious
delegation of confectionery,

or the fuzzy lint
sticking to Mum’s tired coat,
after a good rumble in the wash,

or these baby tinsel streamers

that peek out
from under lace petticoats,
unraveling little threads
so characteristic of
little girls?

Instead, this was how
I found them
described in detail
from a well-worn,
obscure fairytale
on my aunt’s
yawning bookshelf –

“And each breathtaking detail,
so lovingly rendered
on a dainty hic-cup,
carved and gilded with
peeling gold-leaf,
where pitch-black ebony
and gleaming opal
took to each other’s arms
very naturally,

and this little handle
that curved neatly,
slicing a sword of contrast
and arching its back like
the lithe spines of tiny
a gleaming sprite of wonder
that would have caressed
some well-made,
pretentious little pinky -“

But in all honesty,
I’ve seen some argue
that they are simply just
pebble trails,

like the
proverbial breadcrumbs
strewn across paths
for the likes of
Hansel and Gretel
to wander across

or for these
beauty-blinded gnomes
to grope at greedily
with these
gnarled hands.

Hic – hic! Flickety-prick!
Hickory – ULP!

Did you just see
a large mouse run out
from underneath these
wooden floorboards…?

As science will tell you,
without any imagination –
they are only occasional pranks
that your cheeky diaphragm
likes to comes up with,

but science, as again, fails
to come up with a functional
solution that could cure these
unfathomable things.

They say that
three teaspoons of warm honey
should do the trick – preferably
with three twirls of a wooden spoon
for some added effect,

Or to hold your breath
till your face turns the hue
of a permanently
disgruntled eggplant…

Although I mostly feel
that if you try to forget this
ridiculous debacle
between your
disobedient lungs,

by banishing these pretty
hic-cups to the back of
your mind –

If you just concentrate
hard enough,
on the counting minute
hand of this
wise grandfather clock,

those lovely hic-cups will
inevitably hide themselves

and save their mischief
for another clueless,
boring day.

© Zelda Reville

6 thoughts on “Sugar Hiccup

  1. Oh man, this one took a few reads and I still feel like there is more to unpack! Astonishing the past few works how you’ve caputred so much depth and breadth with your words….I chuckled despite myself at the mouse interruption at part iv. So cheeky! But the imagery you create is what blows me away, the cotton candy gossamer, and the beauty blinded gnomes. there is so much wordy richness here. Going in for another read….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow. This means a lot to me – I’ve been brooding recently over the abstraction of my words and chosen subjects, and whether anyone would get “them” in the end. In all inevitability, it’s only the way I look at things, and I wouldn’t be honest if I did otherwise. Thank you for putting your faith in me, through these words!


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