Please Leave Me Alone

People who identify
so easily with these
doctrines of absolution,
of which I admire with
a rather candid awe –

Black or white,
either or neither,
good or bad,
this or that –

when all I can do
is sit here and
hug my knees,
while being trapped
in a ballooning state
of mental invalidity,

this wasted attempt at
juggling cognitive globs
of expanding amoeba:

Half-formed abortions?
Though usually
a rapid devolution
into the hilarious
mechanics of absurd-isms,

so heavily dependent on a
whimsical state of mind
that changes within
a second’s flash of
synaptic lightning…

But yet, these people are still here,
gathering now
in unwanted hordes
as they clamour for my
much-needed attention
in this topsy-turvy carnival
of questionable opinion:

“Black! White! God! Devil!
Good! Bad!

Er, no?

© Zelda Reville


the original, wordly anomalies
flash-mobs of pixels
that do the tango-and-tease
in prim-and-proper birthday suits

with doors so furtively closed, while
dusty computer screens stifle
a flickering yawn

So easily bought at a few hundred bucks,
these dubious “yearly memberships”;
What was that motto again?
Ah:“The more you pay, the more you can see!” –

but not the creeping afflictions
beneath the vivid paint,

or these tiny tiptoes
towards the nocturnal grave

Now, feast your eyes as you slowly glimpse
these rosebud mouths that open to the sun
as eager tongues prod in thirst

not for candy, but for –

(I stole the word from Finnegans Wake. Ha ha ha…)

© Zelda Reville

3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge – And So We’ve Come To The End…

And so, I’ll leave the final three quotes for your own contemplation…


The first quote comes from one of my favourite authors, Yukio Mishima – who’s gonna come after Bowie?


This second one comes from Fullmetal Alchemist, fantastic anime show. It’s a retelling of the Philosopher’s Stone (not as fluffy as the first Harry Potter book – much more gruesome, in fact, and more in keeping with the original story that also throws in the human-created Homunculi) that coincidently mirrored the real-world events of that period, particularly the US-Iraq war. The human-created Homunculi in the show also correspond with the rise of human genetic engineering.


Ah. Time to put down those phones now, eh?

I would like to thank Jessi from Cirque De La Nuit for tagging me in this fun challenge!
And the last three blogs…well, damn it, anyone can do this challenge! I tag no one 🙂




3 Days, 3 Quotes – Music lyrics

Here’s the 2nd day of the 3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge from Jessi –
oh, I dunno…how about some song lyrics then?

I’ve been pondering so much over them, it’s enough to drive me insane.

I’ll attach the videos too, because I WANT TO CONVERT MY READERS INTO FANS OF MY FAVOURITE BANDS :^)


Kate Bush – Love And Anger

Just…wow. Okay, I can’t explain, and won’t explain.
It’s good to know I’m not the only one, anyway.


Suede – Hit Me

This whole song is an endless maze of possibilities. The glory of men, and women, standing on their own, comfortable for what they are, coming together in unison without any prejudice.  It could even be a metaphor for the union of seemingly irreconciliable dichotomies. Yin and yang, light and shadow, male and female. You see a pattern? When will people realize that reality is not really black or white, but a shade of grey? People call it “sitting on the fence”, I call it “the inevitable realization that everything is all one in the end.”

Muse – Megalomania

Looking at the whole song, you realize that the lyrics have a psychological bent – this one is my particular favourite. It seems to suggest the uncovering of the mask of the ego; to expose the more fragile being underneath it. I love how this is so simple, but it really suggests otherwise…

Three more blogs to nominate…not obligatory, please feel free to accept/reject at your own convenience!

I call forth


Risa Writes A Novel

Trailing Something




My acid-tongued
fantastic darling;
cherry pouting
Mädchen Polly!

If only you knew how much
your peach flush excited me;

this deepening burgundy of shame
that extends its painter’s brush into
the soft folds of your baby skin,

a trickling of blood
from a dead hare
seeping into freshly ploughed snow, that
stains such dainty snowflakes this

innocent pink

as greedy fingers enclose
around a lock
of your trembling hair,

like how dead trees
shiver temporally
when warmed by brittle winter suns

while ravens come out
for the seething bloodlust;
cawing with murderous delight –

“Darling, darling, won’t you
sit round ‘ere this rosacea posy,
and play with me?

© Zelda Reville

3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge – I Accept Thee!

Jessi from Cirque De La Nuit nominated me for this challenge, and of course, I’m all up for it! So for the first day I will be picking quotes from my favourite authors.


This quote comes from a book that I picked up earlier this year out of curiousity. Seeing as how there are dimes and dozens of people who act and judge others accordingly to societal values, instead of their own personal principles, this probably needs no further explanation. Meetings With Remarkable Men is full 0f illuminating insights which keep lauding rewards long after these words have disappeared from your mind. To anyone who thinks this quote is a gold nugget – please do try to look for a copy. Dump those self-help books.


Ah, this one. Good old Iris Murdoch! I’ve been hard at work on Finnegans’ Wake and that book, along with this quote, made me realize the endless possibilities and limitations of the written word. Thinking about something “witty” and possibly over-melodramatic to tweet  or moan about on social media?  Please see the above. It’s funny how something from 1954 (Under The Net was Iris Murdoch’s first published novel) can resonate so strongly with me.


We think; as humans we are ruled solely by our logical mind, but sometimes our emotions leave us in absolute turmoil, for which are no logical explanations.

And this nomination requires me to nominate three other unlucky people in due course…so let’s see…who shall be my willing victims? 😉

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Take up thy swords, nominated ones, and joust to the death!