Bellis Perennis

freckled daisies,
the aureating joy

found in waltzes,
Isaiah and a morning star
of violent confetti –

minute, interpolated
comets that flicker in
obisidian mysteries;

or found in haloes that
drift, save and prey
on retinas alike.

Distant innocence
unfolds, sweet and simple,
from scales of white

but that astute head-shake,
the frowns written on
their faces, that speaks of

the immediate stricture,
approaching –

“Roses, orchids, lilies;
so much the better
to look at, my darlings!

Observe this
swollen opulence
of the species Rosoidea;

sensuality, pungence
the signature ink-stains
on its deep red petals!

Or the elegiac grace of
orchids, speckled with
the melancholic grace

imbued within a
deep, purple blush –
splendour, displayed

at its funereal best,
against excessively
dusky surfaces –

But oh – the lily!
The finesse that carves
the slender stems,

with long stamens
that protude out,
like mustard straws –

the perennial
summer’s invite to
many a thirsty bee!”

They say all this
while ignoring
the petite daisies,

that raise delighted
yellow heads, the
occasional petal skirt

that proudly shows off
its cutesy brand
of naivete.

Mediocrity, however,
is no one’s mistress
in the wind

as its stalks and leaves
hum, overfloweth,
with the inaudible fragrance

of life’s quiet simplicities.

(Sorry for the absence, I’ve been trying to adjust my writing schedule to the demands of life…also I wanted to try out verse poetry and this was the result lol)

© Zelda Reville


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