Skymning : Interludes

Clouds galloping
across the horizon

as pale horses throw
their misty heads –
unobtrusive taps of
marbled feet

on a polished surface.

Amber waters
of the Galilee;
sun-baked bones,
a skull, flanged flesh
strewn everywhere –

the sword glinting, in the red.

Sluggish hands
drag a velvet cloak,
indigo approaching
sunburnt thighs
the mottling gangrene
enveloping her feet –

bronze, bruised elephant legs.

Savannas, a smoky Africa –
spurts of dying yellow
stubborn flecks that
burn steadily, in

a flickering flame.

filled with
inconsolable despair,
concentrated in
a little diamond, still

hailing the western gales…

Gleaming silverware
sits hushed on the
mahogany table’s
strapping shoulders,

star of the show now
a chipped porcelain spoon

a geisha’s smile regales,

disappearing under leafy dregs

the murky, sulphurous musk
which arouses many a man
to cry

in the night.

© Zelda Reville

This poem appeared in the 2nd issue of The Wire’s Dream on 1 July 2017.


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