Moodboard: Kate Bush – Aerial An Endless Sky Of Honey

I’ve been sinking into the second part of Kate Bush’s Aerial record, a musical document of the sticky skies of late afternoon, the watercolour sunset, through the star-filled clouds of the night and back to the brimming sunrise of the new morning, complete with blackbirds chirruping. Fantastic for inspiration, or simply allowing her music to transport you to another different place.  I’ve always loved how she weaves poetry into her music, and how effortlessly seamless it all is – plus the music sounds exactly like what it’s supposed to sound like!


9 thoughts on “Moodboard: Kate Bush – Aerial An Endless Sky Of Honey

  1. I love Kate Bush, since being introduced to her music via a video back in the 80’s. She’s just mesmerizing. Also, I like this second quote from Anais Nin I’ve seen; looks like I ought to read her work, one of these days, too!

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    1. !!! She’s really amazing at what she does, doesn’t she? It’s difficult for me to pick a favourite album, every one of them is Kate personified artistically. Which album of hers would be your favourite?

      I highly recommend Anaïs Nin’s Delta Of Venus, if you are not too averse to reading erotica: she pours herself into her work so fervently. The way in which she binds beauty and carnality seamlessly has been a major inspiration for me. Do feel free to drop by and let me know if you read it! 😊


      1. Thanks for the recommendation; that was really sweet of you. When I learned of Kate Bush, it was back in the 80’s. Running up the hill and those songs were what I was familiar with. I’ve fallen way out of popular accord with music and gone down a whole new track. I’m not sure of any others. I think I used to have some of her music, but it’s like three decades ago, so I forget! I don’t know what’s popular today with trends, but it doesn’t matter. This happens when you get older! I’m now really into discovering Israeli and Jewish music. If you haven’t heard it, you can check out my playlist at my website:

        As for the book, well, I’m a study in contrasts; simple, yet complex; artsy, yet outwardly prudish — so that book won’t be on my list; but, perhaps others… Unless they’re all like that…

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      2. I know what you mean. I dip into new music sometimes, but it’s really hard when there’s a treasure trove of old goodies. Thank you for the link, I’ll check it out when I get onto my laptop.

        😂 Actually that description sounds a lot like me too, I’m a mixed bag of contrasting personalities, so no worries! Erotica isn’t everyone’s game – if you like spying on the private lives of writers, you might find a fascinating morsel or two in her published diaries. I think she’s got some poetry as well, but I haven’t read those yet.


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