Mercury Retrograde


of philosophies

in things
that I can
hardly see,

or barely grasp –


I would not
blame anyone
for laughing

at such supposed
idiocy, but till now
I do not know how

the CD player
broke down
for no apparent
reason, and then

started up again,
perfectly alright,
weeks later.


And now –
I hear you say:

Put my trust
in an invisible
hand? Well,
I suppose I
could, but

tempered steel
inevitably cuts
better into
the flesh,
rather than

the sudden gush
of air that only
threatens to

leave you stranded
on the ocean’s surface.

You see,

I like fresh apples
and potato chips,
as much as I like

bawdy arguments
and reading the
grapevine gossip –


Oh! Are you
now saying that
there’s no God?

I can neither
confirm nor
deny this,

but I don’t
think much
of anyone who
seems to think
by default that

the Sun rises
in the East, and
sets in the West.

These people
are the same
ones to get

at the sudden
of dead animals

raining from
the sky.

If you’d like
to put the cart
before the horse

along with
the gentlemen
in white coats,

you are more than happy
to be my guest.

© Zelda Reville















8 thoughts on “Mercury Retrograde

  1. This poem really feels as disjointed as my days when mercury is in retrograde. I love how you captured that– with the frustration and puzzlement (or combativeness it seems too!)

    Liked by 1 person

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