Poems “The Sea, The Sea” and “Fir Tree”published in Figroot Press


I’m very pleased to announce that two of my poems, “The Sea, The Sea” and ” Fir Tree” (the latter having previously appeared on this blog) have been published in the December 2016 electronic issue of Figroot Press, produced by the linguistically talented duo of Tamara Franks and Eleanor Gray. I would highly recommend their past issues for a strong dose of  brilliant, imaginative poetry and beautiful artwork.

Here is the link to the entire December issue, and here is the direct link to my work.




15 thoughts on “Poems “The Sea, The Sea” and “Fir Tree”published in Figroot Press

    1. Hi! I’m so, so sorry for only replying now – your comment ended up in my spam and WordPress is rather unreliable with my notifications lately. Thank you for your kind words, and for dropping by this little blog! 🙂

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    1. Aww thank you! Isn’t the nature of darkness so contradictory? We fear the dark, but the darkness can also be a source of strength if we can somehow utilize it in a meaningful way. But I’m digressing, lol…

      Thanks for dropping by and letting me know what you think – I really appreciate it! 😀

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