Blog post – New Features?

Hello people!

I’ve been wondering if I should ask this, so I’m going to throw it out to you guys.

Is there anything else you would like to see on this blog? Of course, this blog’s mainstay is still (and always will be) poetry and prose, but my interests in other things seem to demand their place in the spotlight as well. Articles from other sites, or my own on the things that I’ve been reading lately, the odd astrology post, a random haiku from a poet, quotes (of which I’ve been doing lately) – I also take photos. And I’ve been playing too much Neko Atsume, which I’m a little ashamed to admit – but catching up with my pile of books. Heh!

So…any suggestions?

14 thoughts on “Blog post – New Features?

  1. Seriously, you should throw anything on here that you wish to. It’s your blog, and everything that’s here will be representative of you anyway… which is why I’m here to begin with! Keep writing and I’ll keep popping by! 🙂

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    1. Aw thank you Tony! Sometimes I’d love to write something else instead of churning out pretty verses all the time, but I’m concerned that my topics might be too niche for some…also, my mind gets stuck in the mud of conformation somehow…it’s been something I’m trying to change though.

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    1. Thank you Phoebe! I do have a few ideas that I’ve been tinkering with in my mind, but never had the confidence to actually do it so I thought it best to broach it with my fellow WordPress mates. I’m really glad with the responses!

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  2. I’ve enjoyed, appreciate, and look forward to your variety: the poetry, the Kate Bush, the astrology… Your audience will choose itself; and that’s what you want, anyways… People who appreciate you for being you. Keep your interest and heart happy and I’d love to see your other stuff. You’re so talented and interesting!

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    1. Thanks, Randy – I haven’t actually posted any serious astrology stuff *yet*, but I’m hoping to change that. I enjoy your variety of posts too – there’s always something to look forward to from your fresh perspectives. Oh! I nearly forgot – I did listen to the links you pointed me to previously, and they were enjoyable. I did expect it to be rather high-brow (it being religious music) but it doesn’t rub me the wrong way. ‘Intriguing’ would be a better word to encapsulate that feeling.

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      1. Thank you. I’m glad you explored further. I think it was the popular music of Israel (no?), but there are other sites for prayers, which are really soulful, etc. I like hearing new and different music, so my new favorite genre is world/international/cultural/religious etc.

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      2. My pleasure, it was lovely to listen to. A sweet transcendence beyond 3 minutes would be the closest description of it. That’s an area I’ve not delved into…hmm…I might poke around your musical offerings when I have the time.


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