Cuddles Mean Sex.

I know this sounds ridiculous but birds are so easily triggered…cute as their head-bobbing and regurgitation may look (eww), but their jealousy isn’t something to kid about…

Three Birds and a Cloud

Good, now that I have your attention, let’s talk about cuddling and what you’re really telling your parrot when you snuggle up and pet him outside of his head, neck, and feet!

Island Parrot Sanctuary 083 Ari the Greenwinged Macaw is defending his mate (he is warning me AND her by beak-bashing, vocalising, and puffing up his feathers). When I didn’t leave immediately, he drove his mate, Sally, away.

Cuddles like that mean sex to a parrot. Not companionship or love – at least, not the way owners are thinking. To a person, touch is a way of connecting emotionally, of expressing empathy and love. But to a parrot, most touch says, ‘Let’s be mates.’

Only mates preen outside of that head/neck area. Some of the worst places an owner can touch are around the vent (butt) area, along the back, and under the wings. This says, ‘Yes, I accept’ to a clear offer…

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