I Am Not A Damsel In Distress! (Daily Prompt – Minimal)

Sir, is there a magic sentence
that will make me

laugh like the offspring
of a kookaburra and a jackhammer
nesting in a tree,

weep hot tears
like the branches of a willow
grazing a man’s knees,

shake my fist in protest
like when Trump won
the US Presidency

or simply allow me
to close the book
while sighing with satiety?

Dear sir, please do not reach out

for a bestseller
or critically acclaimed book
with that hand of yours,

I do not behave minimally
like feeble icicles
or the wee lass

who cries as she
loses her bonny hat
in beauteous spring!

© Zelda Reville

A hasty scribble for today’s Daily Prompt. I haven’t done any WordPress prompts in godawful ages and this one really tickled a spot!

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