Quote – An excerpt from Robinson Jeffers’s “Original Sin”

Photo by Joshua Earle

But we are what we are, and we might remember
Not to hate any person, for all are vicious;
And not to be astonished at any evil, all are deserved;
And not fear death; it is the only way to be cleansed.

– Robinson Jeffers

I chose the last few lines due to their powerful resonance; of course, it seems awkward to leave it like that…so here’s the entire piece if you would like to read it!

4 thoughts on “Quote – An excerpt from Robinson Jeffers’s “Original Sin”

    1. Exactly. I wondered if I should have left it as it is, but a severed piece of verse doesn’t seem to do the whole piece justice. This decision grants the reader thechoice of having the best of both worlds…

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