NaPoWriMo #5 – Nature: An Observation


The silver thread
from a spider’s web

floating freely, in the air –

no longer entrapped
by Arachne’s fate,
though still able
to hold twice its weight;

and was thus welcomed,
with the outstretched hands
of the salty breeze.

It waved its farewell
to the spider,
who hastily started
repairing its abode.


The tiniest
hairline crack
from an opened door

that tears the black fabric,

running stitches of gold
into the feeble protests
of gloomy basements
on a hot summer’s day…

Could someone please ask Dad
to replace that light bulb?


The silhouette
of retreating figures
in the sunset,

from the ferocity
of the receding light –

adequate to keep
the colour of plaid shirts
from bleeding into sidewalks,

but not enough
to erase
their muddy footprints
from the football field!

© Zelda Reville

This is based on Day 5’s prompt on the NaPoWriMo blog – a poem based on the natural world. It goes on further to say that it could be about a particular animal or plant, but I like everything that I see, and favouritism isn’t my thing…so I bent the rules a little here, hehe


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