NaPoWriMo #7 – Happiness

Strung around their necks today was a necklace that slid easily into the soft down. Invisible to the eye, weightless to the bearer, this necklace was what they pledged their early promises to, their unshakable inheritance and a proud emblem of their kind. I only noticed it for the first time today when I was feeding the birds, as the virginal rays of sunrise warmed their cages, loosening the night’s grip. I breathed in deeply, as I loosened the catch of the first cage.

A new morning, a new beginning.

The clock stopped at 7 pm last night, but some unfathomable reason could not explain why I heard the ‘tick-tick-tick’ of the clock again after her funeral had finished. In my early years, I figured that it was natural to want to question everything, but to have no answer in the face of a void became something that I’ve just recently settled on. Call it a resignation, the solicitous comfort of a knowing loser, anything you like. Or that my nature, now pliant as water, fit the nooks and crannies much better than a solid plug in the sink. I feel tired, but it’s a sweet kind of fatigue. It’s the feeling that floods your limbs when you finally dump your heavy knapsack to the ground.

How, does it feel?

I hum some words to a half-forgotten melody, as the lark cocked its head and spread its majestic wings, preparing to take off:

“Painting melodies
in their soaring calls,
even as clouds cry – ”

© Zelda Reville

 I’ve wanted to try a haibun for some time now, so NaPoWriMo’s early bird prompt was utterly perfect.


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