NaPoWriMo #9 – Possession

I realized
as I was brushing
my teeth today

that I could never lay
a true claim to any item
ever owned in my possession.

Would my ownership
of an article necessarily
be a guaranteed validity,

if it were based solely
on the exchanges of this flimsy,
morally exclusive relationship
called money?

How could this have
become mine
so readily,

simply by carrying out
some transaction
of apparent illogicality?

Surely the people who
were paid mere pennies
for their work;

whose hands mingle
with the blood and sweat
of burdened livelihoods –

surely they deserve this
much more than me!

But these hands
that stitch and stir,
and pull and pitch,

their tireless limbs
working, simultaneous,
across different boundaries

draw their element
from a deeper cauldron,
much more resilient and ancient
than all of us put together.

And then I thought –

Shouldn’t the true claimant
be the one, who has provided for everyone,
without uttering a single complaint
so far?

Shouldn’t it be
mighty Mother Nature,
O wise one –

whose blessings
we have now taken
far too much for us

to turn back now?

© Zelda Reville

Day 9 sees the usage of Day 12’s prompt – my first proper introduction to poetry structure through the use of alliteration and assonance. I’m not sure if I’m doing this right…?


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