Departures and Grief

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I’ve been preoccupied with death today. More accurately with grief.

A colleague found out on Monday that her sister had died. Based on what they know so far, she died in her sleep. The sister had not suffered with a long-time illness. She was healthy in all appearances. Strong, happy, and healthy is how my colleague described her. Happy. This adjective is the least meaningful in a diagnosis, but it is still so important to the people that love her. “She was happy, how could she die?” or “At least she had a happy life.”

To get that call — someone you love has died. Not a death you were expecting. Not an elder come sweetly to the end of their winter. Not the afflicted finally at peace. She was strong, happy and healthy. And now she is gone.

But you are still here — waiting your turn or running…

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4 thoughts on “Departures and Grief

  1. I feel sorry for you, dear friend
    Although I am a stranger for you, have my condolence too. I know how it feels when someone near to us has gone, left the body – but as we all are drops of the Ocean Almighty, someday we are alltogether again – we are never separated.
    May Sunshine come back to your heart

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    1. Hello Didis, it’s not actually my post but someone else’s…Thank you for your concern. But grief is a really strange thing, isn’t it? To be there one day and quickly gone the next… But yes, we’re never really separated in the end…

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      1. Ahh, sorry, then I have misunderstood it – you are right- unity and oneness already exists, but it is our ego and mind which separates us from unity and oneness, so we also see everything in duality, like a break of oneness.

        Thank you very much, dear friend
        Have a good tme in peace and harmony

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