NaPoWriMo #15 – Photographicociousities

I once picked up a book
titled Photographicociousities;
for which no word
seemed appropriate
to describe the cover

then the inane letters
that subscribe to some vague idea
that hovers around the head,

like the solemn priests
overly attached
to their gilded books

of hohoho!-coriculus!

Flipping to page seventeen
of genus audaciospectacularity
gave me a splitting headache,
which seemed to me
the hue of split, orranged lemonade

but then the shopkeeper came along
with a glass of wine in hand,

“If you drink this burreulism of wine,
so much more better
you yourself may find – ”

© Zelda Reville

Day 15 uses Day 18’s neologism prompt…don’t think anyone can top James Joyce in this aspect?


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