NaPoWriMo #29 – As Above, So Below

These individual tiny planets
are dead cool. They don’t have
special names like Uranus or Pluto,
but are all betrothed to the
blase name of Electrons.

They twirl an invisible thread
around the Sun. No, it’s not made up
of hydrogen and helium. Nor is it on fire.

Their Sun is made up of Protons and Neutrons
who maintain an aura of aloofness,
but yet pull the Electrons in
with their brimming positivity.

It’s a bit like that stop-start romance
between the girl next door
and the boy up the next street,

don’t you think?

© Zelda Reville

Day 29. It’s amazing how the orbits of the planets around the sun look a hell out like the composition of an atom. I think I finally understand what they mean by “As above, so below” – or, more accurately – “The macrocosm as reflected in the microcosm!”


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