NaPoWriMo #30 – Sunrise

In the abandoned playground,
the sun crawls out of the cave.
Half-awake, half submerged
he fluffs the clouds and shoos the stars.

His quiet yawn, infinite in its reach
blazes across the land in a wash of gold,
reaching out through various windows
to baptize a sleeping child’s rosy skin.

Eyes and skin register a melody
much better than the ears.

His yawn extends further still,
squeezing through tiny cracks
in the pavements:

A foghorn sounds in the distance.
Tita blinks sleepily at her reflection.
Bacon strips sizzle on crusty pans.
A cat’s forlorn expression begs for the former.
Several room doors slam shut, one after another.

“Where’s the house keys?” Mum screams at Dad.
“Where’s my homework?” A girl asks her puzzled dog.
“Where’s my breakfast?” A drunkard shouts at his tired wife
(and gets a classic riposte: “Go get it yourself, you miserable bastard”)
“Where’s the bills, dear?” An old man asks the portrait of his dead wife.
“Where’s my worm?” The blackbird wonders, as it surveys the virgin grass.
“Where’s the girl?” The man frowns at the rumpled absence besides him.

The sun, taking no notice of all this, chuckles
and sends a burst of swallows

that dot the skies like sesame seeds,
scattered haphazardly
across toasted muffin buns.

© Zelda Reville

Day 30, using Day 30’s prompt to write about something that happens repeatedly without fail. And here marks the completion of my first NaPoWriMo challenge.

I’ve been mulling over how NaPoWriMo has forced me to reexamine the writing process. I thought the slow and methodical process was the best way to go, but some of the prompts were tempting. So, most of the poems here have been largely unplanned and usually conjured on the spot (cue the fuck it moments, ehe!) within a span of two hours. Edits were limited to form and structure, so content has been safe from the chopping board. The anal-rententive side of me feels slightly shell-shocked from the whole experience, but it’s been a nice introduction to fellow poets and new poetry forms which I never could have picked up otherwise. It seems like the best way to learn is to throw yourself into chaos and see how you deal with it. A few bruises are guaranteed but the satisfaction of surmounting a challenge feels amazing.


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