We do not fight it out
but, rather, sit like two,
three or even five
half-faced strangers
wearing holey jester’s masks
and rough silk punching gloves.

We study each other’s faces
and think ourselves very skilled
in the art of concealment.

A quick, greedy snatch
of a furrowed brow
seems to tell her
all that she assumes to know;

while the downward glance of piety
hurls painless daggers
into the other’s back
with howls of laughter.

The other Fool
is usually up at daybreak,
juggling spatial configurations
that, if one is careless in handling –
may confuse and destroy.

To add to the preternatural mess,
his packrat love of urban superstitions
and wonky conspiracy theories
ensures his arms are always busy.

The last, notable Jugglermeister
simply sits in a hard-backed chair.
He’s a lot like that pondering
poseur…oh…you know…!
The one that they call The Thinker?

(still, nobody knows till now
what on earth is contained
in that round, shiny head of his)


Their favourite pastime
is to take turns to
duplicate and/or replicate.
Up, down, left, right,
3-dimensional – they don’t even
spare the space in the middle.

Alas – what Mercury delights in
simply sends the poor user
into the frigid territory
of existentialism.

They first turn into twins,
hungry oligarchs and
then into dessicating mutants

who insist on their
terrible masquerades,
acid-tongued debates
and surrealist parties

in dingy basements
that simply cannot
accommodate the numbers.

Could you blame the abject human
who expresses a deep yearning
for silence and solitude
in a quiet room?

A few choose to end the rabble
by jumping off from the bones of reality.
Of this, there are a few methods –
and endless possibilities.

So, you see, one can glimpse
into the misty looking glass
and see exactly where and how
the sources of insanity pick their apples.

Thank god that debates,
books, rampant curiosities
and holiday getaways
exist on Earth to harness
the best of this mental Tempest
(and give a rest to aching brain cells),

because endless arguments
cramped into a tiny house
in the middle of 3 am

only serve to debilitate
and not rejuvenate!


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