Thoughts Before Sleep

Black. White.
An unwilling compromise
between shades.
Or a good-willed truce
between opposites?
Black or white?
Who likes choosing sides?
Nachos versus chips.
Tomato verses, ketchup seers.
It’s never cats and dogs,
but cats or dogs
(but a lucky few will disagree with this)
Nothing seems to give!
The Beatles or the Stones?
To complicate (and infuriate):
Blur, Suede or *shudder* Oasis?
Sir, will you have chicken or mutton?!
The left road or the right fork?
Art or science??
You or me?
Me and I?
She, nor him?!
But most of us can come
to an important consensus:
neither garlic nor onions
in their hideous whole.

Chopped finely
or glazed with pepper and honey,
they probably could suffice…
though I think
I might gladly starve

before I partook in thee!

© Zelda Reville




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