To what extent
can the howling internal
be superimposed onto
a perfunctory mask

to make
a believable image
of the whole?

© Zelda Reville



13 thoughts on “Compromise

    1. Yeah…that’s what’s happening right now…maybe there would be a better way to handle all this. This was written some time ago but I had to take a week offline to figure out what I really wanted.


      1. Ah, I’m not sure what you mean, but this happens to me too. I hope it becomes clearer for you. I think it’s often a survival mechanism for difficult circumstances that then becomes a habit. But I am told we all wear masks and that they’re necessary for the different roles we have. I’m not sure. Your poem’s a beautiful way of expressing it.

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      2. It did! I felt that I had to take a step back from the cacophony; to deeply immerse myself in a single project instead of splitting myself into a thousand pieces. Would all these masks unite into a single face over time, I wonder…? Thank you.

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      3. It’s my hope that they will. I wonder if it’s something that can happen through things like meditation, as the layers of the self fall away and leave only pure presence – which could be ever changing, but is always what’s true.

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