An Argument Against Vegetables (And Other Green, Living Stationary Things)

Daybreak marks the moment
where plants switch sustenance
from oxygen to carbon dioxide,

quietly braking their
carbon footprint monitors
as we continue our sins in the night.

Unseen by sleeping eyes, disregarded by mouths
who strain to be heard in this
cacophony of the nocturnal jungle,

they quietly sift
through minute air particles
and other mickey mouse molecules,

picking out soot, dust and dirt
with the tiniest fingers
invisible to the vulgar eye.

All this, while patiently
and cruelly rooted
to anchors and missing keys –

The smog stings our eyes,
burns our throats and
makes us run for the nearest purifier,

but there’s no change
indicated in that
almost smiling green.

Listen. We refrain
from consuming meat
because they are living,
breathing beings;

so why shouldn’t we
not eat vegetables or
anything green and stationary,

since their imposed silence
is not an acceptable refrain
for happy consent?

© Zelda Reville

Credit must be given to a friend who stumped me in a furious debate regarding personal food choices. I rest my case…


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