Comparison For/Neither


A bicycle

is a pale shade of blue,
faded, blanched square patch of sky
prettily framed in old posters,
the encapsulation of ancient
in a motley collection of tin cups,
the Easter Egg reminder clasped in jagged fingers.

A ripple

is the silk shirt that weaves
sonic phantasms for straining eardrums –
stop, start, peak, trough.
A physical trait in quantum mechanics.
The comforting presence in unexplained sorrows.
The vehicle for molecules of Panadol Cold.


A crater

is the moon’s flirtatious glow
on the surface of the sea
continuously swallowed
by the inkiness of the water.

But is a crater

a hole?

No! Indentation rises to retaliate,
Alice’s quite keen on retribution
(because you got through the wrong entrance, you lout)

Though we skirt around the edges,
we never, ever try to consummate – !

© Zelda Reville


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