Lots of thingamajigs
colour coded by fringed musicians
disassembled Lego pieces having a party
analog and digital hidden in the chaos

A quick inventory check:
duct tape, alcohol, snaking wires…
whoops – someone’s tripped over
a particularly cunning cable
he’s too busy gazing at his own shoes

While some don’t see the beauty
in the fssssshhhhhooooowwwwaar
“More like a glorified vacuum cleaner
with infinite reverb!”remains their stand
Others derive joy in ethereal eternity –
Dionysian secrets in flanged experimentation.

Britpop’s weak predecessors
or Grunge’s waspier sister?
Complicated theories a dime a dozen
in music papers (Where are they now? Lol)
“rivalry” and “scenes” so largely “common” –
and, not forgetting: “What the fuck exactly is nu gaze?”

Slowdive, Lush, My Bloody Valentine –
Ride, Swervedriver and Chapterhouse.
A.R. Kane, alas! Largely forgotten – or not
many more others (for I have run out of space).
Would I be shot if I put House Of Love on the guest list?

So went the 90s’, then came the 10s’
where you listen to one tune
off Rihanna – then Maroon 5 –
and realize they stole the same drum beat
from each other (no, that’s inspiration)

So to see a new Ride release
Slowdive reunion (and new album)
is prerequisite manna to my ears,
and a heaven to the hip (and equally aged)!

© Zelda Reville

Can we talk about shoegaze / till we go blue in the face

Plus – Rachel Goswell is a certified babe



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