Hang them out to dry,
then punish with publication –
hammer their fingers one-by-one
to a giant, diagonal caterpillar

If you don’t allow yourself
to let go – who will?
Auric Pacific, tetris-a-go-go…
My head is starting to hurt

Strange how everything around you
looks much better with a sad song.
I’m the type of apologist they love to hate:
surely you must mean something in this day and age!

Applaud streamlined fish on their victory;
Metaphorus, exacted enemy of the tangential.
Atlas rolled it off a hill as Hades watched,
cackling while they tore that dude’s liver out.

I’m hanging upside down
with Cassandra’s tear-stained face.
Me and you…they’ll never believe…
Pour the intellectuals another beer!
Then, slowly poison their drinks

Too many words is fornication’s
consider-atio-ticus. (what’s even that)
I don’t know…just make it a new word…
Cheer up, boy! It’ll be alright (it’s not)

Shamelessness is your practiced virtue,
modesty the new wicked deity –
So I hear you’re working on a new thinkpiece?
All the same old…(sigh) nothing new

© Zelda Reville



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