Moonage Daydream


she need only
blink once
and 30 days pass


one huge, unwavering eye
to which the tides and the wolf
pay obsequience to her


a stationary mirror
imprisoned in nothing
reflecting her husband’s behaviour


a forgotten penny
that dwells in a two dimensional well
shining back from the depths


a speckled robin’s egg
spun in gossamer, covered with snow
someone botched the paintwork – unfortunate


a huge castle of ivory
that belongs
to the Man in fairytales


one special rock out of countless dusty rocks
who string their mute, unrequited love
around other balls of gas and dust


a half-arsed boy’s bottom
mooning his dad
his father, being asleep, does not know


Mum says a girl lives on the moon
she’s been staying with a jade rabbit
to escape her hideous husband for 2000 years


we waited for him
it was five years in the making
the question – stacked heels or feather boa?

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