10 thoughts on “Nah…Just Curious

    1. Wow, that’s pretty amazing. I wrote this on a whim because I found myself doing this towards certain things I was drawn to, but whatever the repercussions that resulted, good or bad, led me towards a better understanding of life and of myself. That could also be possible. Would it be too much of me to ask about your experience? And thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I meant “resolution”, not sure why Siri is still mismanaging my comments. Sorry about that. It was a deeply personal thing but on the day I read this post (Monday), I had dug up the truth about a situation, even though the clues were plain to see. I’m a researcher with postgraduate training so ignorance is always a choice. I was hoping that the other person would trust me enough to tell me. I feel that digging things up about a person violates their dignity and if they’re not ready to tell you, it causes them to lose face. That is why I was willing to stay ignorant. The more I learned, the more angry and humiliated I felt. But after those feelings subsided, I was overwhelmed with a sense of compassion and well being for everyone whose lives I had to look into, including the person who lied to me. I even felt sorry for this person because I know they’re avoiding me out of shame. So your poem described my experience exactly.

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    1. Sabiscuit, thanks for telling me… Maybe there’s a limit to how we extend ourselves towards people. I can understand your frustration at those who do so, particularly with those whom you have let your guard down with. I’ve been at the receiving and (whoops) giving end of this sort of situation, so I can’t say I understand the other party truly at the end of the day…but, like what you have done, maybe understood the more complex parts of human nature. It’s never easy to be totally forgiving towards those who do that, but perhaps the closest thing to understanding is being empathic towards them.

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      1. I think it was on an episode of the TV series, called “Billions”, in which a main character said, “there is always a third way” out of any complex situation. My third way was putting myself first. I thought it meant being selfish but that allowed me to feel my way around the situation. I hope I’ll remember to do that in future.

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