A new Facebook page, etc

Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash

I decided to set up my own page so I could stop inundating my FB friends with my posts. So…come and visit me on Facebook or Twitter! Drop by and say hi. I won’t bite. I might demand a big bag of chips or a really thick volume of Plato though…



4 thoughts on “A new Facebook page, etc

    1. Gotta agree. I’m the happiest on WordPress! Facebook and Twitter are my attempts to reboot my wilting social media presence with stuff that I find interesting….though maybe I could extend that favour to WordPress too. Hmmmm…

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      1. I did the Twitter/FB thing after my blog was a few months old, but the post formatting simply screamed UGLY at my eyes, so I stopped….also yes, you do get more followers but the figure’s not a true reflection. Then again…followers schmuck followers. It’s really the enjoyment that matters in the end, doesn’t it?


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