Original image by Valentina Aleksandrovna on Unsplash.


How, best,
to persuade myself,
that the dark
was only the sonorous prelude
to a devastating new dawn?

How best, then,
to swallow
my owned ennui,
tasting as bitter as the medicine
it was supposed to be

where you could feel
it going down the throat,
working its twisted magic
around that seductive word:

“This is you. That is definitely you.”
“Why don’t you? Why can’t you?”
“You! What did that person say!”
“That’s not you! Defend yourself!”

As the first spit
of bulleted words
come out of reflex,
allowing cynicism’s seeds to win the war –

Thought patterns of negativity?
Nope. Nope!
Welcome to my new positivity!


Now let’s take the other roundabout.

Maybe I should
sip gently at grief instead,
taking it for a flute of champagne –
which Ol. Mrs Diddlydum thrusts
into your shivering hand, saying:

“Plum, and plumpest
of them all –

the entertained always pull
the biggest strings.

So, of course,
the most bigoted capitalist

makes for the best agony aunt!”

Tell me, then –
who spins the purple umbrella,
while coaxing
the most virile tongues
to do the dirty work?



All the woodwork
of the old,
the bastardizations
of the new –

Is this now
the only exception to everything:

a strictly allowed diet of blood, and only blood?

7 thoughts on “Ayahuasca

    1. No, it’s not your fault or anyone else’s, A.P. – it’s just that I find the yardstick of intelligence hard to fathom or quantify, so I just usually put it aside. But I am very touched by your compliment!

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  1. I’m of the mind that higher intelligence cannot be quantified. There is something of a quality of mind that proceeds when one has encountered it often enough. You have that quality, though it may not be so noticeable at first glance. It’s something one identifies after perceiving subtle relationships among the thoughts a person chooses to share or offer. And of course (on a related subject), taking a compliment becomes all the more difficult, the more true is the assessment. Proverbs 27:2, though I dare not wax religious in the presence of genius. It’s taken me practically a lifetime to learn how to simply say “thank you” and take a compliment in stride. Perhaps remember all the other people who have told you that you were bright, from early educators, parents and friends, on down the line. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to recognize your intelligence, you know.

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