She dredges long-forgotten myths and legends, taking up the sacred mantle of student with Teacher Nature. She considers herself an opportunist of Chance, astrology amateur, staunch hench-woman of Sappho, chip-bungle and cat fan. She thinks Zelda is a really cool name because of the Fitzgerald connotations, although she is totally cool with Legend Of Zelda associations. She doesn’t know how the fuck she came up with Reville, but a possible explanation is that it could be a wordplay on “reveal”. She’s had some works published and she hopes to do more, even though her hands start trembling at the click of the dreaded button. She would like to direct you towards her work here.  She would love to try her hand at essays, even though she considers herself a budding amateur in this field.

Her name is DeanJean, and she warmly welcomes you, the reader, to Zelda Reville!

9 thoughts on “About

    1. Hi Charlie Zero, thank you very much for dropping by. I’ve been blogging for close to a year now. I’m still relatively new to poetry so I read whatever comes my way, but I love honesty in anyone, be it writer or poet.

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