Moodboard: Christine Ray, Brave And Reckless – On Becoming A Poet

Photo by MJ on Unsplash

Christine’s thought-provoking piece on what it takes to become a poet.


Sandcastles — kashiana

sandcastles in the sun are you willing to call it fun? sandcastles with a moat does creativity flourish by rote? sandcastles that glisten pride may i match the depth of your stride? sandcastles sculpted with bare handed care will you knead my heart with similar flare? sandcastles that repair and replenish can the aquamarine mirror my tears with similar flourish? […]

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Blood Into Ink: Your Writing Wanted — Brave and Reckless

The curators of Blood Into Ink are seeking guest writers to share their stories about the struggles and triumphs faced by trauma survivors. We welcome the writing of women and men who have lived through sexual abuse, rape, physical abuse, emotional abuse, child neglect, emotional abuse, domestic violence and other forms of trauma. We believe […]

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Sexual Orientation in Astrology – Podcast

This podcast was really interesting because it delves into the physical limits of biological gender, astrological and societal challenges/phobias that the LGBTQ community currently faces and how the masculine/feminine principle has undergone radical changes in the cultural and linguistic context. What does it mean to actually be male or female? What does it mean to be maybe even be neither, or somewhere in between? Is our sexuality a conscious choice, or a state of being?