The blooming decay
illuminates a fly
resting on the wall

© Zelda Reville



Daily Prompt – Prickle

A garden path,
a tricky roundabout.
Malevolent shark fins.
Mr. Puffball with a Spanish cowlick,
laying on Icicle Fantastic –

Large literal pimples
in a hatchway wedge
take up arms, then thumb a sneer
as they shoot “BOOM!” –
Who shot the weariest cannon
but managed to keep their shoes?

A waterslide
leading to a black button,
curves over a bumpy road
and smacks into a stone step.
Happy Rollies, Tufted Beeries;
Sad clowns….murderous kids.

An empress’s bejewelled shoe
leads its mistress over the threshold,
taking care not to slip
over the smoothest surface
the world has ever seen.

Mmmm…watch out!
Look at the cracks in between;
then remember to press the black button.
Let the drawbridge lower itself –
but don’t stub your little toe
in the process of doing so.

I don’t talk this much, no.
I am usually silent.
But in the midst of tiptoe-ing
I seem to make an involuntary utter
that sounds like “ting-ting-ting”…

You can loop my useless feet
like a cherry, and sting my arms
with the tip of your sweet tongue,
but be careful not to swallow!

Momma used to say
that a rose has its thorns;
so how can a rose shorn
of all its little prickles
be that rose any longer?

© Zelda Reville

I’ve used Daniel’s Kakuzen (the zen of writing) specifically for this exercise, and it’s turned into a very trippy automatic writing experience…I, however, do regret that I’ve omitted steps 8 – 12 as I’m due to sleep early today…!

Metamorphosis – Daily Prompt: Glaring


Push, and then
s l o w l y pull –

What a perfect needle
for the tool!

The prolonged art
of glaring
is all that it takes

for the other to
start unconsciously
giving me

that cold shoulder –


(No) Thanks, cockroach.
I needed that extra privacy.

I’ll spare you
the bundled newspaper
this time round,

but I won’t guarantee you
your extra life mana
the next…

© Zelda Reville

Bada-bada-BUMP! Sorry about the lack of updates…


If I dream, do I clearly see –
And if I finally see, can I still dream?

I pray that I find the connection
bridging these two,

so that my dizzy mind
can finally be at ease.

© Zelda Reville