Blog post – Blogger Recognition Award

This will probably turn out to be another rambling post again – I’m sorry! – but I’ve been nominated for this award by one of my favourite bloggers, Sailaja. This is my first award, so I’m still in awe that this blog is actually worthy of a mention. Wow.

Thank you, Sailaja! :-*

She runs a fantastic blog at Sangfroid in Furs which features thought-provoking pieces, all challenging readers with the fist of justice, or with the feather of wit, to think for themselves as all good writing should do, or attempt to do.

So…well, before I go ahead, here’s this shiny thingamajig:



Wowsers. So here goes.

Rules for The Blogger Recognition Award:

  1. Write a post to show your award.
  2. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  3. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  4. Thank whoever nominated you, and provide a link to their blog.
  5. Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to.

So how did this blog get started?

Hilariously enough, it started as my first feeble attempt at creating a writing blog. I was already running a blog before this, but I wanted to give my frustrations a creative outlet…so here you go.

Through words, I feel with my mind’s fingers. I like certain words because they invoke powerful emotions. To me, words are living, breathing entities – they have highly distinct personalities and characters. You know how handwriting analysis supposedly reveals a person’s character? For me, reading someone’s poetry or story is exactly like that. A proper, no-nonsense man (“For perhaps, this was the cause”) to someone who’s highly excitable (an over-usage of !!!!), all these little unconscious clues, unravels intriguing tidbits about the person. When I speak, my mind trips itself up, but when I write I am free to conjure fantastic visions of Bacchus; the shaman’s cry, to lead a thousand different lives like the Trickster, to spy on my characters like a surveillance camera.

What do I write about? Beauty, wonder, yearning, the bittersweet emotion of fleeting moments, the darkness. Sometimes my snarkiness at society pokes out like a sore thumb. Things that make us human, things that people have overlooked, or passed over. When the proverbial spade has dug so deep for the truth, that it finally hits something solid – that is one of my writing goals. Love? One day, maybe.

Advice for new bloggers!

Ulp, I’m not really old either! But I’ve found these to be the most helpful.

  1. Good, genuine writing will prevail in the long run, it outlasts follows and page views.
  2. If you’re an aspiring writer, do try to set a schedule to write frequently. I know this 99% hard work and 1% inspiration quote is horribly cliched, but it’s very true.


The bloggers whose writing I love, and wish to see more of!
*pours streamers down*

Nominated bloggers, there is no obligation to accept this award – if you’re not keen on it, it’s okay!

  1. Fruslera
  2. The Rantings Of A Bookworm
  3. Cirque De La Nuit
  4. trailingsomething
  5. The Poetry Channel
  6. Antoinette Prescott
  7. Woven Eclipse
  8. Sonderwriter
  9. thesingersgirl
  10. Adrenaline Aneurysms
  11. Beth Tremaglio
  12. Unbolt
  13. Ayoka
  14. Allison Marie Conway
  15. namrataspeaks