Moodboard – Kimio Eto, Koto Music

Ice sheets drift on streams.

The dryness is now mixed
with an unmistakable warmth.

But why am I still clutching
this dirty silk square to my chest?

© Zelda Reville

Kimio Eto mixes the clarity of spring with the frost of winter in his playing. I’ve been thinking about how to best describe his playing but failed to come up with something suitable, so I’ll now leave this tiny poem here in honour to him and this album.

Moodboard: Kate Bush – Aerial An Endless Sky Of Honey

I’ve been sinking into the second part of Kate Bush’s Aerial record, a musical document of the sticky skies of late afternoon, the watercolour sunset, through the star-filled clouds of the night and back to the brimming sunrise of the new morning, complete with blackbirds chirruping. Fantastic for inspiration, or simply allowing her music to transport you to another different place.  I’ve always loved how she weaves poetry into her music, and how effortlessly seamless it all is – plus the music sounds exactly like what it’s supposed to sound like!


Moodboard: Tom Verlaine – Seashells

From One Hundred And One Poems by Paul Verlaine:

Each seashell in the walls where we
Made love – our grotto rendezvous –
Has its own special property,

One has our souls’ deep crimson hue
Snatched from our hearts’ blood when I flare
And flame with passion, as do you;

This one affects the look you wear –
Languid and pale – when, listless, spent,
You scold me for my mocking air;

This one would sport the innocent
Curve of your ear; that one, like bud
Of rose, your neck’s: pink, corpulent;

But one there was that fired my blood.

Moodboard – Existentialism 

​”Sixty seconds, if you like,” he said. “What’s the difference? Those are moments when time stands still.” He looked at his hands for what seemed a long while. “Moments when you’re beyond life and yet still see. And then time begins flowing again, your heart beats, you stretch out your arms, you take a step forward. You still know, but you no longer see.” 

– Simone De Beauvoir, All Men Are Mortal 

Moodboard – Cocteau Twins

Cocteau Twins: (From left) Simon Raymonde, Robin Guthrie, Elizabeth Fraser

I’m taking a break from writing…or rather, I’ve got an idea for a story and I’ve decided to forgo a poem for today. It’s only today though. My mind is currently engaged in a spat between Reason and Stream Of Consciousness, and I’m not really sure where I should go. So I thought of doing a post that has absolutely nothing to do with my writing at all. Let them spar, I say. And the idea of doing a moodboard, where I talk about the inspiration behind the words, has been sitting in my mind for the longest. You know…I might as well, heh.

Ooh, where do I start with them? They’ve been a massive inspiration for me. Elizabeth’s voice frequently morphs from forlorn albatross to the elusive siren on the rocks, and then to the tender mother suckling her rosy child. She swoops and soars along with the dreamscapes their music evokes. Her lyrics evade the comprehension of the human mind. Think of their music as an eternal aubade, to the sunrise of euphoria. When my mind decides to fizzle out, I put on their music and go for a quick travel along the seams of my unfettered imagination. And then, magically, the internal knots disappear. Their music is a very comfortable vacuum of peace.

I love, love, LOVE their song titles too. How abstract can titles get? Very.

I think they would make great writing prompts. I don’t even know the meaning of most of their titles. I read somewhere that Fraser used to ransack really old dictionaries for the more obscure words, and she would string them together, like whimsical charms on a wonky bracelet.

Here’s a few:

How To Bring A Blush To The Snow

Alas Dies Laughing


Sugar Hiccup

The Spanglemaker

A Kissed Out Red Floatboat

Great Spangled Fritillary

Even the artwork is beautiful – the perfect match for their music. I’m besotted with their album art. Thanks to Vaughan Oliver, and the design companies 23 Envelope and v23, who did their artwork, and almost everyone else’s under the 4AD record label. Here’s an article where he’s interviewed about his deisgn principles.

The album art for Pearly Dewdrops’ Drops/ The Spanglemaker

And last, but not least: an essential Cocteau Twins mix!