19 thoughts on “Eclipse

    1. Really? I have to read that. I know the tale of Narcissus; not sure about Echo. I’ll have to check it out. Does anyone know of any good sources? (I still haven’t even read Ayn Rand, yet…)

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      1. It’s from Ovid’s Metamorphoses I know it, but there are probably different versions with different stories. But in Ovid, Echo falls in love with Narcissus but he rejects her, and also she’s had a curse put on her by Juno which means she echoes what anyone else has said and can’t speak for herself, and so also felt she’d made a fool of herself. So she puts a curse on Narcissus that he will fall in love with someone who he can never have. And so he falls in love with himself, his own reflection in a pond. And he pines away gazing at this person he can never reach until he withers away, and then turns into a Narcissi flower.
        It’s sad for Echo and Narcissus.

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      1. Ah k now I understand. Yeah, a lot of stories have really sad endings, though the characters always survive in some way as something. But some characters have really happy endings. I think it’s a good lesson on fate, as you can never tell… it seems more like chance – like fate – what will happen.

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